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Maria’s Story

Maria's Story 28 August, 2017 by Maria Spady “Is what I’m doing really needed?” This was the question I asked myself during my time in Slovenia at the ReachGlobal European Division Conference last month. Back home, my husband was single parenting our newly adopted...

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Connecting to Perspective

Connecting to Perspective 30 MAY, 2016 Article by: Anthony Russo I work at a church in America and let me tell you, negativity is not difficult to find. It seems like every day I’m sent an article about the spiral the Church is in – whether it’s young adults leaving...

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This Changes Everything

“Of course The Good Story HAD to have a “good story,” Kelly… you didn’t think God was gonna make it smooth and easy, did you?” -says my not helpful friend who will remain anonymous. Actually, yes…I did hope we’d have it smooth and easy because “hard, long and painful” just doesn’t have the same ring to it. But we all know that in order to truly become more like Christ and radiate His nature, we have to be polished through friction, abrasion, pressure, and longevity of trial.

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Donor Highlight: Matt and Jaimie Wommack

“If there’s one thing we’ve learned through ministry so far, it’s the importance of consistency,” Jamie Wommack said. Her husband, Matt, nodded in strong agreement.

The Wommacks are passionate twenty-somethings with an extraordinary love for the eternal. They have committed their lives to building God’s Kingdom through the every day details of their lives. And in five of marriage, this shared passion has consistently turned the ordinary into a rich, life-giving adventure.

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Ambassador Profile – Kathleen Ostrom

We believe God has gifted every individual on the earth in a unique way to bring Him glory and further His kingdom. Since the inception of The Good Story our desire was to gather an army of individuals who show proficiency in the creative arts and technology coupled with a passion to advance the name of Jesus globally.

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The Bakers: A Life Lived at the Margins

“The more we’ve found ourselves engaging marginality, the more convinced we are the presence of Jesus is made manifest at the margins,” Jim Baker said. His deep and knowing eyes fill with passion as he speaks . . . these are the eyes of a man who has witnessed over 25 years of miracles in marginalized communities.

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I Don’t Think I’m Ready For This

“How was your trip?” is the question we’ve been asked over and over since we returned home from our eight-day trip to Hungary. I know better than to give generic adjectives–”Awesome! Great! Beyond!”–as my answer.

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This is the recording of our time on stage at SALT Conference in Nashville. Through a beautiful set of circumstances, the founder of this conference met one of our Ambassadors in April. She shared about The Good Story and Luke (the founder of SALT) was intrigued enough that he contacted us this summer to hear more. Next thing we know we were booked to fly to Tennessee in October to speak during the “Spotlight” on the first night.

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Portoroz, Slovenia

I’ve often heard that the English language falls particularly short to adequately describe many human experiences. I have tried to sit down at my computer countless times and begin the process of shoveling deep into my heart and soul to get the words out . . . only to sit there staring at a white screen. What could possibly explain the magnitude of this trip for Ryan and myself? Ten years of prayer, yielding to the difficult and wonderful classroom of our lives, watching God reveal this vision for ministry for our marriage, and then actually doing it . . .together! Words are failing.

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